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Octo is your best choice accounting firm in Singapore when comes to Xero !

Why We Make The Difference

“Embraces technology to improve …”

Octo uses Xero exclusively to simplify accounting processes to achieve “real time” financial reporting while making annual compliance simple and on time.


“Extended experience across many industries …”

Serving our clients across many industries has enabled our trainers and accountants to acquire extended knowledge in applying curated accounting procedurals to switch your organization over to Xero quickly and efficiently.


“A comprehensive support system …”

As we understand the learning curve needed, our support philosophy to “hand hold” our clients is comprehensive, limitless and easily accessible throughout, hence our support for Xero is “2nd to none” in Singapore.


The Team

A group of professionals with a vision to create a culture changing the traditional ways of accounting using technology and making it easy for businesses to apply.