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We are your best choice accounting firm in Singapore when comes to Xero !

At Octo, we embrace the latest in accounting technology, using Xero to help businesses simplify and integrate accounting processes to achieve “real time” financial reports. Making annual compliance easily achievable on time.

Why We Are Different

At Octo, providing value is what we do.

“The vast experience implementing Xero across many industries”

Through Countless Implementations Of Xero for our diversified client portfolio Across All Industries.

This has enabled Octo the experience needed to switch your organization over quickly and accurately.

Ensuring that your financial reports in Xero is in tip-top condition.


“A 2nd to none hand-holding support we provide”

We at Octo pride ourselves in our Support Philosophy providing our clients with limitless support through WhatsApp from 9am-6pm every working day.

Hence, we dare say that our lifelong hand holding and support for Xero accounting is Second To None In Singapore.


 “We understand accounting and business system integration” 

  All our Accountants at Octo are Xero Certified and have Vast Experience Across Industries.

This allows us to have a Clear Grasp of your business before migrating your business data to Xero.

By doing so we are able to clearly understand your business needs and carry out the Best Integration of your business systems strategically.


“Cost-Effective migration to Xero with precision”

At Octo, we apply a fairly simple technique to get you from your previous accounting systems to Xero ensuring an Effortless Transition.

Being a Gold Partner that uses Xero exclusively, this allows us to be Extremely Effective and Efficient in our migration.

Thereby, leading to greater cost-effectiveness, precision, and speed.

Hence, we are your BEST Choice for implementing cloud accounting to your business in Singapore.


Challenges an SME face converting to Xero


Octo is confident that these challenges will be minimal as our deployment strategy is methodical in that we understand your business first before establishing an SOP that blends into your current process.

In our opinion, the implementation of automation is really not a challenge. We ask that your business get used to automation and embrace the benefits it can bring.

You can start by adapting your people to the Automation and Transparency that Xero offers; although automation is not really a challenge it does take some time to get used to, for example, using applications that deploy artificial intelligence and machines learning to bring Accounts Payable data into the ledgers as compared to manual journal entries.

Another challenge, although psychological, would be that with the added transparency and availability of real-time financials at your fingertips, you would start wondering why there are bank lines between AP and AR not reconciled. But rest assured as we at Octo are constantly on top of our game to ensure your transition to Xero is as smooth as they come.





Who We Are

We are a group of diverse professionals with a vision to create a concept changing the traditional ways of accounting. There is an efficient way of managing manual entries of data and automate it using today’s technology


We Are Here To Help You

At Octo, we look at the entirety of your business, understands the operational needs and deploy tax filing as a service within. We use Xero Cloud Accounting exclusively, and our service package for compliant tax filing and book keeping would include Xero.

The whole idea is to offer  a complete integrated solution to help businesses manage their daily operation right from quotation to invoice to credit note to journal entries, through to producing an unaudited financial statement.