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We are your best choice accounting firm in Singapore when comes to Xero !

At Octo, we embrace the latest in technology, simplifying and integrating processes to help business owners in achieving “real time” financial information in making performance decision in a competitive environment.

Why We Are Different

Providing value is all we do

Here at Octo we apply a fairly simple technique to get you from your previous accounting systems to Xero ensuring an effortless transition.

After moving you to Xero, we totally understand the need for hand holding and our support for Xero accounting is by far the very best in Singapore. As we pride ourselves in our support philosophy providing our clients with limitless support from 9am-6pm every working day. Hence, with that said our support for our clients is second to none.

Being a Gold Partner that uses Xero exclusively, this allows our people to have greater experience in handling your accounts. As through countless implementations of Xero to many different businesses it has enabled Octo the experience needed to switch your organization over quickly and accurately, integrating front end solutions to your business.

Furthermore, we are the very best in ensuring that the financial reports in Xero is credible and compliant. As we are very good at all aspects that leads to credible reporting, We just know the right technique needed to ensure that the financial reports in your Xero accounts is in tip-top condition.Through this, we are able to reduce your accounting costs in the long run.


Challenges you may face as an SME converting to Xero


With Octo’s support your challenges of transitioning to Xero accounting will be minimal. Because, our deployment strategy to implement Xero accounting is very Methodical. Ensuring that we understand your business first before establishing the SOPs needed to be blended into your current processes.

In our opinion, implementation of automation is really not a challenge. We ask that your business get used to automation and embrace the benefits it can bring.

You can start by adapting your people to the Automation and Transparency that Xero offers ; although automation is not really a challenge it does take some time to get used to for example, using applications that deploys artificial intelligence and machines learning to bring Accounts Payable data into the ledgers as compared to manual journal entries.

Another challenge, although psychological, would be that with the added transparency and availability of real time financials at your finger tips, you would start wondering why there are bank lines between AP and AR not reconciled. But rest assured as we at Octo are constantly on top of our game to ensure your transition to Xero is as smooth as they come.






Who We Are

We are a unique group of professionals sharing the same vision in creating a concept changing the traditional ways of accounting to better serve SMEs, removing tedious process and providing “real time” financial information to facilitate decision making.


Outsourced Accounting Service in Singapore

Xero Cloud Accounting

Understand your real-time Cash position

Know how you’re doing financially with daily updates from your bank accounts and credit cards using our accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore and beyond.

Octo’s outsourced accounting service is unique

The days of compiling papers or Excel files to book keepers are over. Using Cloud would result in relatively cheap book keeping service as account receivable data entries by book keepers are no longer needed when using Xero, a smarter outsourced accounting service.

Saas – Winning with payroll using Cloud

Our digital outsourced accounting service is accessible anywhere and perform pay run in 6 countries for staff based outside of Singapore. We charge by headcount and by pay run only. Our solution meets all Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requirements.

Run your business from anywhere

Access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device – phone, tablet, or computer – when you choose our accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore and abroad.


Xero is the leading IRAS-listed accounting software in Singapore, so you can rest assured knowing that your GST reports prepared in Xero can be lodged with IRAS when you use our unique outsourced accounting service.

PAYROLLeasily is a powerful payroll system

It streamlines your payroll with its powerful and simple-to-use platform. It frees you from hours of manual calculations and filing with our automated processes so that you can concentrate on what is important. Easily the best payroll system.

Protect your business data

Xero backs up your data and protects it with multiple layers of security including industry-standard data encryption and secure data centres. We also offer two-step authentication as an additional layer of protection for your Xero account.

Banks in Asia that work with Xero

With partnerships with the major banks in Singapore including CIMB (Malaysia), HSBC (Hong Kong), HSBC (Singapore), DBS (Singapore), UOB (Singapore) as well as OCBC(Singapore) and Standard Chartered (Singapore) in progress. This allows daily feeds of bank transactions into Xero allowing up-to-date data for your business.

Smart, Fast & Most Affordable

As a Xero Champion, we thrive to be the “most affordable” cloud accounting and bookkeeping services provider in Singapore making it easy for SME to deploy. Fundamentally, we focused on ensuring the integration is specific to business type from invoicing (AR) through to payables (AP).

Our commitment is thorough from on-boarding to being operational with Xero, and thereafter, detailing a “real time” support system via Live Chat.

Our priority is looking after the entirety of your business in respect to accounting, making it a seamless process engaging best practices. Your experience with Octo and Xero will be beautiful.

We Are Here To Help You

At Octo, we look at the entirety of your business, understands the operational needs and deploy tax filing as a service within. We use Xero Cloud Accounting exclusively, and our service package for compliant tax filing and book keeping would include Xero.

The whole idea is to offer  a complete integrated solution to help businesses manage their daily operation right from quotation to invoice to credit note to journal entries, through to producing an unaudited financial statement.