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Online Cloud Accounting and Consultancy Services in Singapore

Cloud Accounting Automation is now and the future.

There are several reasons behind why cloud accounting automation is fast becoming the choice for businesses globally:

  1. Backup of files is automatic
  2. Time-effective
  3. Improves productivity
  4. Streamlines business operations
  5. Improved control over financial processes

The landscape for compliance is changing rapidly in Singapore, heading in the direction of achieving efficiency through integration and cloud accounting automation. Banks are creating live feeds with Xero, facilitating real time reconciliation. SMEs should not view compliance as a “stand alone” annual event, but instead, use the technology available in Xero as a tool for decision making in “real time” to help the business.

Online Cloud Accounting Services and Implementation Singapore 

Discover a new way to streamline processes and grant easier access to real-time data.

Octo deploys the latest in cloud accounting automation for the entirety of a business operation from quotation to invoice, credit note to bank reconciliation, integrating to the accounting system and creating a seamless process to fulfil all compliance.

It is our mission to support our client as we aid them in the Cloud Accounting Implementation process, ensuring the new platform is set up in accordance with the Chart of Account.

Octo advocates operating efficiencies through the need to integrate processes with accounting achieving transparency in “real time” of the business financial performance to stay ahead.

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Our online cloud accounting services in Singapore equips your business with the certainty and assurance of better control over your finances. Operating a business today translates into the need to have up-to-date information all the time and the ability to respond in real-time.

By enabling you to keep, track and maintain your records well with the Accounting Automation Free Receipt Bank as well as Cloud Accounting Automation, your business can focus on growing.

To discuss how we can help your business set up online cloud accounting services in Singapore, contact our team today.