What We Do At Octo

Corporate Secretarial Services with Competitive Fees

Octo is an experienced team of accountants and bookkeeping experts offering corporate, outsourced secretarial services to companies throughout Singapore. We aim to inform and educate our clients on the most innovative software available, and the best accounting services suited to their company. Passionate and creative, the Octo team has built a range of services that will ensure your documents and finances have been processed and handled correctly.


Here at Octo we aim to provide competitive fees with no surprise costs for your company needs. As an innovative and unique accounting provide, our services seek to provide you with excellent creative solutions that are bespoke to your situation. Listed below are the corporate secretarial services that we provide to bring your company to the next level

Our Services

Our Services

Monthly subscription

Xero (for single-currency and multi-currency accounts)

Tax filing (with Xero included) – ECI, Form C / Cs, ACRA Preparation and Book Keeping

Individual services

Corporate Secretarial Services

Company Incorporation

Payroll, Leave & Claim (with mobile app)

Director’s Nominee

ACRA XBRL Submission

Work Permit & Employment Pass

Government Grants Advisory, CDG etc.

Ready to find out more?

Here at Octo, we take pride in ensuring that we fully understand our clients needs and giving them the best services that will allow their company to thrive in this competitive business landscape and stay ahead of the curve. Our passionate team at Octo are always delighted to take any queries and provide a quick quote for any services your company may need. Hence don’t hesitate to contact us at +65 9660 1205 or +65 6908 4393 we are always happy to arrange a consultation or to create a service package that suits your business requirements.