Corporate Secretarial Services and Fees

What are Corporate Secretarial Services? They come in when organisations require the assistance to mitigate the risks of corporate non-compliance. In other words, the corporate secretary is essentially responsible for ensuring the functioning of the company’s procedures in accordance with the law.

Corporate secretarial services are necessary to appoint or hire within 6 months of incorporation, as locally-registered companies in Singapore have a range of requirements that are set out by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). A failure to do so can result in fines, penalties or both.

Why Do You Need Corporate Secretarial Services and Fees? 

Corporate Secretarial services are necessary to ensure that your business complies with regulations and stipulations set out by the IRAS and ACRA in Singapore.

What do corporate secretaries do?  They are responsible for a range of duties:

  1. coordinating the company’s formal reporting processes
  2. maintaining minute books
  3. ensuring correct procedures are followed
  4. ensuring compliance with law
  5. maintaining statutory registers
  6. updating the ACRA with any change in appointments, altercation or removals
  7. assisting with shares transfers or any other shareholdings
  8. distributing annual reports
  9. safeguarding company seal and articles closely
  10. preparing director’s report

Some companies may not see the need to hire a corporate secretary. While there is no direct stipulation that companies need to hire, it makes sense to engage qualified corporate secretarial services if you desire a good amount of experience, professionalism and no avenue for mistakes made.

Take a look at Octo’s corporate secretarial services and fees listed here:

Our Corporate Secretarial Services Fees start from SGD 299 with our Incorporation and Xero Startup package.

Xero Annual Subscription starts from SGD 500 with 1st year Receipt Bank included, a value of $300.

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