Xero The Art In Book Keeping

Our bookkeeping services are extremely unique. They are designed to deliver efficiency at the lowest cost by automating data entries into Xero using Receipt Bank. (Disclaimer – Receipt Bank is part of our service to you @ No Charge). This automation simplifies the whole journal entry process with only a “photo click” away for all transactions. As is known to many of our clients as the most affordable book keeping services in Singapore. – Learn More 


Affordable, Reliable & Simple

Our bookkeeping services starts at 150 SGD per month for clients who subscribed to our discounted Annual Xero Subscription. With Octo, you can save money and time that can be spent elsewhere in your business. It is like having a dedicated Book Keeper on staff.

The knowledge and experience we gained from using Xero exclusively has enable our professionals to apply curated accounting advice on bookkeeping. This knowledge will translate to a quick turnaround mapping your current business accounting procedures easily into Xero at a cost, arguably, the most affordable bookkeeping services in Singapore.


Your Choice Makes The Difference

Xero is quickly gaining attention in the corporate sector for its high-performance in financial reporting, offering innovative and convenient solution to many businesses. Selecting a partner with good knowledge and experience to setup, train and support your Xero implementation is crucial as many businesses operates differently when accounting procedurals are concerned. Serving over a hundred SMEs, Octo will compliment Xero with our implementation practices that is uniquely curated to enable the least changes to your current accounting workflow, making it simple and affordable. Learn more 


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