Xero Bookkeeping Services at Singapore’s Most Competitive Rates

Xero bookkeeping at Octo is extremely unique, it is by design to deliver the lowest cost. Known to many of our clients as cheap book keeping services in Singapore as comprehensive from an overall perspective offering high efficiencies to businesses. 

It is automated and most affordable book keeping services in Singapore. With the use of mobile apps integrated to Xero, all journal entries is just a “photo click” away, where our book keepers will access via Cloud from Monday through Friday.

It is made simple and automated, making time for you to focus on your business.

Our bookkeeping services at cheaper prices

Our dedicated Xero service starts at 150 SDG per month for our clients subscribed to our tax reporting service. With the right team, you can save money and time that can be spent elsewhere in your business. Ask about our full accounting advisory service, it is like having an Accountant or CFO on staff from Monday to Friday.
At Octo, we take a professional approach combined with personal service to provide quality, reliable bookkeeping services. Our commitment to ongoing professional development ensures we are providing our clients with arguably the best bookkeeping service in Singapore. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in creative, tailored solutions, your company can continue to grow.

Interested in using Xero?

Xero is a great way to get cheaper bookkeeping than you would if you were to hire an internal bookkeeper. With the right team guiding you through the process, Octo can guide you through each step as well as ensure you are fully equipped for future services. Octo are Singapore’s leaders in outsourced accounting, with competitive fees for growing businesses.

Xero is quickly gaining attention in the corporate sector, offering innovative and convenient solutions to bookkeeping and accounting. At Octo, our experienced accountants can provide you with the information and training to set up and work your own Xero account, developing a high quality online cloud accounting service that you can tailor to your requirements.


Give us a call and we will tell you all about how we can help make your book keeping cheap, simple and integrated to Xero.

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The whole idea is to offer a complete integrated solution to help businesses manage their daily operation right from quotation to invoice to credit note to journal entries, through to producing an unaudited financial statement.